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I get deep pain in the ears (started on right, following year left, now it comes and goes in both) behind the eyeballs (started in right at that time eye doc thought on-ordered mri orbits okay, mri they enitially though neuroma etc. The following year started in left and after comes and goes on both sides, get bad temporal pains that come and go the same way.

If my neck muscles start contracting when I swallowed the pain radiates from that side of the neck up into my right ear or left, depending on which side of neck is having the problem. Have had tests and scans that showed abnormalities. The last mri showed white right and left, what the neuroent called "distended" (the same one who saw a schwannoma elsewhere) another neuro called "dilated" (don't know what that translates too). Before that had schwannoma in mri next to c1 that enchanced, a ct done the same time frame they saw mri lesion also showed opacification of mastoid air cell (ear infection?) they suggested mra/mrv to see if it is vein or artery before intervention. Had normal mra/mrv before the distended vein business, and spoke about the lesion, I called, she said it was a nerve (what nerve?) Yes the picture is really clear to me now now! lol. I guess it made sense schwannoma of a cervical root, but which root and what does that mean? They followed to see if it would grow or change. It stayed the same size the first couple years (first it was 9mm, then 1 cm, so slow growing-don't know). I am going to ask the new neuro after he sees report if I need another mri because of the thoracic things that have been happening, to see if it grew, changed see if something is compressing something or what. I don't know, will see what he says.

The new neuro wants me to bring in the reports, so when I have the nerve study done in a couple weeks, I will also ask him if the distended veins could be a form of vasculitis. The left & right showing (that was new and not seen on the other mris taken). I had a major headache at the time they took that mri, had history of alternating facial weakness, ^wbc^ crp +ana (first one) etc in that time frame. The neuroent said the facial nerves on the coronal cuts may be dischint (sp), translation, my facial nerves are more exposed (outside the bone) then in a normal person, normally it’s covered in more bone. Maybe that explains the lazy eye & droopy lid (that comes and goes since teens or the recent esotropia & facial weaknesses, numbness etc (?) My grandfather had a lazy eye. I guess it's not easy putting things together when there is more then one doctor doing tests.

When the ear pains starts up, I apply a moist heating pad to the neck and ear on that side, take celebrex, tylenol and tizanidine. If after medication, this pain does not ease, I take another dose of tylenol. If its behind the eyes or temporal, I also apply cool gel packs. There are times the medicine does not help and I end up riding it out. Sometimes the pain gets so bad I’ll get nausea and dizzy. If it’s that way, I’m bedridden until it passes. I woke up the other night at 2:30 and the left eye was not right. Later that morning had bad eye pain behind both all day. There is no functioning with these episodes…
I hope you find answers and relief pronto!