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I've been going to doctors for quite some time on this but if anyone has a similar situation, I would be delighted to hear about what steps they've taken. About six months ago, I began having a sharp, severe pain my my right leg. I waited a month (stupid, I know) and then went to the doctor when it became so unbearable I couldn't sleep. The doctor immediately had me have an ultrasound to rule out DVT/blood clots. They found nothing of the sort. Then, the doctor had me go have x-rays taken. The radiologist said that they found an "incidental ossifying fibroma" near my knee so my doctor referred me to an orthopedic specialist. The specialist took x-rays and also had me go through an MRI. He said he found nothing and could find no evidence of a fibroma. So, basically I am back where I started: knowing nothing. I still have the pain...it's on an off...but when it's on, it's terrible. It feels like my leg is aching on the inside, deep inside the bone. They had me take Celebrex to see if that helped, and it didn't. So, now they've basically told me that it's my imagination. Has anyone else had anything similar?