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Hi, I am your normal everyday 21 year old except for one thing....I am trying to help my Mom with a misery that no doctor around here has been able to diagnose or fully treat her symptoms. It tears my heart to pieces seeing her this way. No one can really understand unless you see her and know how much pain she is in. I live with it everyday and I just want to get her help. She says that she can't stand it anymore and she feels like she won't be here much longer. But I love her...she is my Mom and my best friend. Here are some of her symptoms:

1. She develops hives if her skin is aggervated (ex. if you squeeze her arm or if her pants rub her and if her shoes aggervate her feet.) The hives itch awfully expecially on her feet and become very hot, sometimes even blistering the skin, and then they hurt.

2. She becomes very worn out after little exercise. (ex. walking from her room to the living room.) She is unable to walk long distances without her knees and shins hurting.

3. She has these body aches. She said it feels like the flu. It started out as once a week and went to three times a week and now it is everyday. Every muscle in her body hurts. She said it feels like it goes down to the bone. The only partial relief she can get is laying in a hot bath.

These are just some of the symtoms, the most serious of them. She has been tested for many things and all the doctors can tell her is that they don't know exactly what it is. She was tested for lupus and fibromyalgia and they said it wasn't either. She has to take medicine for her thyroid and celebrex for some of the pain. But nothing really helps. Is there anyone out there that knows what this might be or knows somewhere that we can take her to get tested for what it may be? If you do know maybe what it is could you possibly recommend any medication she may talk to her doctor about that could help her? Thanks for your help if there is any you have to offer. I would take her place in a heartbeat if I could because I hate to see her in this pain so if you can help please do!