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It's probably from all of the above. I'd say it's possibly repetative strain injury.....not necessarily carpal tunnel.

I've had it....still do on occasion.
It took a long while to get over it. I did see (and still) see a chiropractor. When my pain was unbearable, I went to the doctor, she put me on Celebrex for a week or two (can't remember exactly), and I saw a physiotherapist. Hmmm, not sure about the ptharapist, but she did do some accupuncture and ultrasound.

I got a good arm/wrist support. I especially used it when sleeping. It's one that has metal on the top as well as the bottom and keeping my wrist in a more neutral position while sleeping definitely helped. I also wore it when I was sitting watching TV or when "relaxed". Keeping it neutral really helped.

The Celebrex helped...the chiro also did some massage and adjustments. Injured arm mechanics takes a loooong time to get the inflammation down...then time to heal and become strong again.

Definitely positioning yourself while typing of prime egronomics will help lessen the strain on that area.

You might also want to consider massage or deep tissue massage or fascial release therapy to help heal that area.

Too much too quickly can make matters worse, tho. I think that since you believe it's from clenching (I'll assume you mean your fists), the brace at night will help prevent that.

Once the inflammation goes down, there are also exercises to strengthen the muscles....

Hope you heal soon,