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I have spondy, ddd, sciatic pain and back spasams. Bulged 4 disc l4 l5 s1 and s2 in jan 1992 and it snowballed from there I was on methadone,some,clonazepam,desyrel,and effexor. I went to detox the first of jan. this year I was haveing blackouts had two thought they were because the dr was switching my depression stuff (tried wellbutron,celexa,and effexor. my pcp said I had too much med im my system and that I needed to go to detox, he is a good dr so I thought he knew what was best for me and I was ignorant to the fact as to what detox was, I thought ok you go into the hospital , detox, then try the new meds to see what works. Well I have been on all that he can think of ( right now on celebrex flexirel,ultracet,elvil, and deseryl) so I went to my PM dr to see what I need to do, I told him I had gone to detox, and that my pcp wasn't able to stop the pain, he told me that he guessed the pcp had decided I would have to live with the pain and that he could do 3 epidurals every 2 weeks, I only get about 3 days if any relife with them and my dear husband has to take vacation time to drive me, hes so great but I've turned into the witch from helll because of the pain. I can't even sit up long enough to eat a meal with out haveing to lean to the sides or lay down, theres not much you can do layig down when your in pain, you don't even want to talk. Any way, life as it is now sucks I'm prety much house bound and the tv is driving me nuts. I am lost as to what to do I only know that this isn't life with this much pain and I don't know what else to do. Thanks again I get really depressed because of the pain and the limits I have.