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Hi ddp11, HNPatL4L5, Sue,

Thanks for all your replies. Appreciate it very much, and I am so happy to hear that all of you after your surgery are feeling better.
Sue, this is apx. 3rd month, but the pain is not unbearable, and I am on Celebrex and using the DRX 9000 machine. I do not think the DRX neither the celebrex are helping me, but I am wearing teh waist belt, and that kinda helps me a little. Anyway, as you suggested, I am going to try and bear this for a little more time (2 mons) and see what is the most efficient course to proceed.

My only big concern is all of you had commendted that your surgery was succesful, but are not 100 PAIN FREE, why is that I was hoping that Microdisectomy should make us pain free, as it relieves the spinal nerve from any compression, as the herniated disc is removed. Can somebody shed some light on this.

Please keep the thread going, and thanks agains for everything.