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Hi!! I am 39 and I have cerebral palsy which effects just my left side. I get around well but over the years my body has decided that compensating for all the muscle issues was enough so I started getting leg/back/hip.SI joint pain.
I have been to physical therapy on several occasions and that did help some. I take celebrex which reduces some of the problems, and I get massages when I can which helps several problem areas. I ended up getting an epidural injection into the SI joint area (cortisone injection) last April. I still take the celebrex too and I can say that my pain is reduced to almost nothing in the SI joint. I get occasional problems here and there but nothing like it was before.
If you think the pain is trigger point related you can get injections for that too or try a massage therapist.
I got my help from a pain management clinic by my home.

I hope this may have helped.