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A little over a year ago I ended up in the hospital covered in hives and short of breath. The doctors tested me for mono and when that came back negative they said I must have a virus of some sort. It took a few visits to the ER before they realised I was allergic to the drug naprosyn that I had already been taking for 3 months. I'm not exactly sure why but somehow because of the allergy to the drug I now I have a scar on my lungs. They had to put me on prednisone to clear everything up.

Two weeks ago I went to the doctor and he prescribed celebrex to me. I told him I was allergic to naprosyn (I found out through allergy tests that I"m allergic to COX-1 and most COX-2 inhibitors) but he said this drug shouldn't effect me. Five days later I was covered in hives. I quit the drug and went to the ER the following day. The doctor on call said I shouldn't have been prescribed Celebrex in the first place because of my allergies.

Here is my question: how long is it supposed to take for a drug allergy to clear up? I started taking the drug exactly 2 weeks ago today but I've been off of it since last tuesday. I thought the hives were disappearing but then today I am absolutely covered worse than I was when I was taking the Celebrex. I'm a little worried that it'll do something to my lungs again. Drug allergies weaken the immune system do they not? I feel somewhat short of breath but I also have mild asthma so its hard to say if its that. I should also mention I started taking Ativan 3 weeks ago..maybe thats what I'm allergic to? This is so complicated :confused: !