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Thank you very much for your post!

I always feel better doing something if I get some feedback from others who have actually tried it. I have an appointment next month for a one-on-one with a feldenkrais practitioner who also has a degree in physical therapy.
I figure that has to be a good combination for me.
I have great days and I have awful days. I am looking for a way to keep the left side from bringing down the right side. Preventative maintenance sort of. I work in a job where I am on my feet all the time on hard floors so it doesn't take much to get a lot of fatigue and stress to my lower back or leg/hip.

I take celebrex and I had a L5 epidural injection for my back and I am pleased with the results of both but still my brain will tighten the muscles and I have over a lot of it.

Well I didn't mean to ramble like that but I will try it and then send a post through to let you know how things go.

Thanks again!