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I am truly hoping someone can give me some answers here or at least a course of action. Bear with me while I explain the problem
In Oct of 2003 I had a spinal fusion for three stress fractures and spondylilothesis. I had a cage with rods and screws. In the hospital an ignorant nurse made me turn using the trapeze bar and I knew then something went haywire. They sent me home two days later and I continued to have excrutiating pain the doc put me on a steroid pack for inflammation and at my six week check up did an x-ray and found the cage had shot out into spinal column. they did another surgery in Dec to remove this, but didnt put another back in. My understanding is this holds the b,p for fusion. I went into doc this week due to extreme pain still and he says still no fusion. He wants mri, cat scan and then will probably go back in from the front for another try. Meanwhile I am in extreme pain. This time he gave me celebrex and wont prescribe anything else for pain. I was on Vicodin since March of last year the lowest dose available and it started not working anymore. He then switched me to darvocet( a lesser me) which did nothing at all. I called after a week complaing and he prescribed tylenol 3 which did even less.
I dont want to seem like someone just wanting drugs but I need help?
Any suggestions?
Thanks for your patience in reading all of this. I am driving to Florida with the family tonight from Ohio and I cant imagine the pain this will cause but we havent been on vacation in two years due to this and the kids and husband need a trip bad.
thanks :bouncing: :bouncing: