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HI, I’m not sure were to post this so I am sticking it in the general board.

I am hoping to get some ideas to take to my doctor concerning the condition I have developed. At this point we are out of ideas. I’ll list the progression of events and symptoms and hopefully somone can aim us in the right direction.

It started with a bout of diverticulitis. I was on antibiotics (2) and a liquid diet for two weeks. I have had in the last month and a half a CT scan (abdomen), a colonoscopy, and numerous blood workups. As the attack subsided I developed pain in my abdomen, upper right quadrant, that feels like its in the abdominal wall. Then I started having pain in my wrists from my thumb up my arm. I believe my doc diagnosed it as De Quervain's tenosynovitis. (as a note I have had this before in the wrists). Now I am having the same type of pain as my wrists in my shoulder and both hips. A throbbing, burning pain, the feeling of tearing and numbness on the skin along the fore arm from the thumb up about 6 inches. Along the back of my shoulder and on the back side of my hip joints right were the leg meets the butt. He has me taking celebrex and it does help but it’s only treating the symptoms.

My doc did blood work and had me screened for Lyme disease (we are in Eastern PA) but it came up negative. My last blood work came back with everything looking fine.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.