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I was in a car accident in 2001 and suffered a whiplash and tore the labrum and tendon in my shoulder, they call it a type II SLAP tear (they didn't find out it was torn until a few months ago when they *finally* did MRIs). I have also been diagnosed as having TMJ as a result of the whiplash.

I have had a really hard time since my accident to get any doctor to prescribe medication for pain. The first reason they usually give is that I'm too young and that they don't want me getting addicted. That's nice of them to think of that but they may as well say "you are too young for us to help you so I guess you'll just have to suffer"! I was originally prescribed naprosyn (which is no better than taking an advil if you asked me!) and it not only didn't work, I was also allergic to it. Then my doctor sent me to a " :rolleyes: "specialist". He put me on codeine for about a week and I got really sick at the same time so he decided it was from the codeine. I think it was just coincidental. Then I was introduced to the wonderdrug "neurontin" :rolleyes: (sorry for the sarcasm, really I am lol)

I started out taking 3 x 400mg per day. They never really seemed to be doing much of anything for me. The doctor would have me see him every 3-4 weeks and everytime I went back he'd ask me how I was and I'd either say I was just as bad or worse! Throughout this whole time I was still unable to move my arm up to any more than a 60-90 degree angle and we had no idea why and he didn't want to do MRIs. I had a lot of neck and shoulder pain. The one neck muscle stayed really tensed up so he gave me a cortisone shot there. When I had an MRI done of my neck, it shows that it wasn't a muscle after all. Somehow I have developed a cyst at C7-T1.

Everytime I went back to the specilaist, his answer was always the same: take more neurontin. He had no plans to fix my shoulder, just to keep me on neurontin. It ended up I was taking 3200 mg of neurontin per day and felt like a complete zombie. I asked him (begged even) to give me something else for pain because it was only making me tired and dizzy. He would tell me flat out no every single time. Getting another doctor was not an option because my family doctor would have to refer me to a different one and he was not willing to do so. He wouldn't go against this other doctor. On top of taking a pile of neurontin, I was also given cortisone shots both in my neck and in the bursa of my shoulder.

Around 6 weeks ago I got a call saying that the specialist had died. I was pretty shocked to hear that. I was later told by a reliable source that he had commited suicide. That really makes me feel safe at the hands of doctors knowing there are those kind out there.

Because I now have no family doctor (he quit his practise to do Botox cosmetic surgery), I have no way of getting pain medication unless I go to a walk-in clinic or the ER. I live in Ontario and there are about 25,000 in our city without family doctors. I went to the walk-in clinic a few times and they can't prescribe any narcotics so they gave me Elavil which also did not relieve the pain. I ran out of neurontin as well and was starting to get the worst headaches ever. Regardless of how I thought the neurontin was doing absolutely nothing, it must have been doing something because going off of it I had some really bad headaches and couldn't sleep.

I went about a week without sleep and ended up having an absolutely horrible headache to the point where I was hanging over the toilet bowl and holding my head: not fun! I went to the ER and the doctor on call looked at my MRIs and said he was sorry that I've been given the rounds with doctors due to the state of our healtchare system, and that he knew I was in a lot of pain etc. Then he said he couldn't give me any narcotics because he can't monitor them as he does not see me on a regular basis, but he'd give me a few Ativan to help me sleep. I've been going back to the hospital to get more ativan ever since! They will only give me a 10 day supply. Some of the other doctors on call have also given me Celebrex, Tylanol with Codeine, and Flexeril but only enough for one or two weeks at a time. The last time I went to the hospital the doctor gave me more Ativan although he was very reluctant. He wouldn't prescribe any pain meds. He said he'd send me to a pain clinic for that.

To make a long story short (yeah right, its too late for that lol), it ended up being an addiction centre, not a pain clinic. The doctor at the ER thought I should be on a methadone maitenance program. Needless to say, I didn't go for it. The doctor at the addiction centre said my problem is not addiction it is pain. He gave me a prescription for more neurontin even though that is NOT what I wanted and he gave me imovane (zopiclone?) to take in place of Ativan. I tried taking the imovane a couple nights and it just didn't work!

I am back at square one with no pain management whatsoever. I was wondering if anyone else has had this kind of experience and what you did to get pain relief? Right now I'm taking tylanol with codeine (they are OTC here), neurontin and Ativan (only have 3 left though :eek: ). The Ativan is the only thing that helps because it puts me to sleep but when I'm awake I'm in a lot of pain and I get headaches that shoot from my shoulder right into the top of my head and make me nauseous I need surgery but I have to wait for another MRI and the results from my arthrogram which I had yesterday. The orthopedic surgeon I am going to now also can not or will not prescribe anything to me. He said I'd have to get a family doctor to do that or go to a pain clinic. Unfortunately neither one of those exist here! In the mean time I am left in pain. Does anyone have any idea on how I can get proper pain management? I'm sorry I rambled on so long but there's so much that has happened in three years!