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Thanks again Kissa, yeah I have tried different things such as pt, accupuncture, injection (1 a few years back but now because of crohns can't do the steroids anymore) stretching every day, all the nsaids such as vioxx, celebrex, mobicox, bextra you get the picture I'm sure!! I'm just waiting now for an appointment to try accupressure maybe I'll have some luck with that. What is microscopic colitis? Thats something I'm not sure I've heard of. Boy do I hear you on the cramping and constipation. We sure can't win without losing can we? By the way is this Stadol NS a steroid? I sure hope not. I was hoping this may be a possibility for me down the road. My doc isn't in a big rush to get me off the opiates. She has told me it will take a year, possibly longer and only if we can find something else that will help. I have a variety of different "health problems" so what helps in one area hurts another if you understand what I mean. Again thanks a bunch to you both!!