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Ugh, I am feeling so frustrated and depressed right now. For the past 9 months I have been having pretty terrible pain in both knees: I get intense pain in the left knee when I try to walk more then .5 miles, I get intense pain in the right knee if I try to bike for more then 20 minutes.

Early on, I assumed this was just caused by the two surgeries I had(hip replacements on both legs) and would go away eventually; but it has been almost a year since the first hip surgery now with no real improvement.

Originally they thought I had a torn meniscus in my left knee, but upon performing surgery it turned out I didnt and I ended up on crutches and in pain for several weeks for no good reason. Now whenver I go to see my orthopedic doctor, she blows me off or claims that I should be more patient(it has only been about a year after all :rolleyes: ).

They have done MRI's and X-rays of both my knees and can find nothing wrong, and all my doctors agree that the hips dont cause knee pain. Several reccomended I see a physical therapist, which I have been doing for 5 weeks now with no improvement whatsoever; I also have been taking Oxycontin and Celebrex for months, neither of which make any difference. My PT also noticed I have flat feet, I got special shoes to compensate for that, but that also hasnt helped my pain in the slightest.

It is terribly frustrating, it increasingly seems like I will be stuck with this pain for the rest of my life! My only hope left now is to find something to help with the pain, are there any alternatives for pain management that might help me?

Anyway, thanks for listening to my long rant. :yawn: