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I probably should have stated, we/he are consider the alternative methods as an addition to traditional. I was reading painbusters last night and just came across the section on sympathetic pain, which was to-the-T a description of what he is experiencing.

I contacted the surgeon to request a referral to the pain center at UCI. I think he needs more help on many levels than his surgeon and current doc are doing for him. He's on neurontin (not working) and celebrex (also doing nothing). They are not addressing his constant pain, and that in turn is what is making him more depressed, sicker, and sad.

The surgeon's asst called and left a message, they want to do a postop MRI and THEN they will refer him to pain mgmt if they feel it is necessary. Of course, they were out yesterday, and now the voicemail says back monday. So another weekend of desperate pain, but at least I got them to listen and I think they heard the urgency in my voice, through the tears, when I tried to explain just how bad he is right now.

P.S. The EMG showed no perm nerve damage.

I think we are looking at the mind/body angle as something to try to give him any relief, be it mental - even for 5 minutes, because he's having no breaks at all. He used to have good days/bad days, now he just has bad...I think the neurontin is making him depressed too. I told him that I've read about anti-depressents helping pain, so he seems more receptive to that idea now.

thank you for your suggestions and ideas.