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Thank you for reading this and giving me any info you can. In 1998 I had a severe dirtbike accident and fractured 11 parts of my back, mainly thoracic and cervical vertebrae. In the last two years the neck and upper back pain has become unbearable and I decided to see a neurosurgeon in February 2004 and had ACDF on C/5-C/6 on June 23, 2004. In February the N/S commented that my backed looked like the back of a much older man(I am only 27). I have many degenerated discs mainly in the cervical area. After surgery the N/S commented to my wife that C/6-C/7 needs to be watched closely. After almost 12 weeks since surgery I am still having the same if not worse pain in my upper back and neck. Is this normal? Should I insist on another MRI? I have had to go back to work because my pay was dropped to 66%. My N/S was not crazy about me going work but I had to. I am currently taking Celebrex, Vicodin, and Darvocet. Thank you again for any light you can shed on this situation.