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I have pretty severe OA in both knees and both shoulders - R knee and L shoulder are the worst. If I have to walk a lot, like shopping, I try to take it in little bits, resting in between. I find Celebrex helps me a lot- it would be extremely bad without it. Stairs - I have to go up and down one riser at a time. :rolleyes: I find I handle it better if I lead with the L leg going up, R leg going down, so the R (worst) leg stays straight and doesn't take the full weight - same with curbs. But I LOVE swimming and water exercise - in the summer (which is 5 mos long here, LOL) I swim 5 days out of 6, in winter at least 4 x a week. My strokes aren't much to look at, but it really helps keep the flexibility, improves sense of wellbeing. Works best for me to swim in very cool water, go into hot tub after. I tried a warm water ex. class one winter and I thought the hot water was more tiring than relaxing. Water aerobics is another possibility - most classes do a lot of upper body stuff and extensions as well as water walking, jumping etc. Some muscle aches are normal if you start a new program you're not used to, but they should go away. A recumbent bike (the kind where your legs are out in front of you rather than under you) is OK too, in small doses. The secret is to try different things until you can say "Boy! That felt good!" and then stick with what you really like on a regular basis. Sorry to be so long - Good luck!