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Yes, I have OA in my knees, neck, TMJ and I think in lots of other places. The Bextra helps my knees the most. I've been taking Advil along with it lately which I know is overkill, but my TMJ headaches have been so bad. I'm hoping that will change once my bite is corrected. I'm wearing braces yet at my age. I'm sorry you can't take Bextra. I had bad side effects from Celebrex. I had to fight with my insur. co. to get Bextra approved and I'll bet I'll have to do it every year. I've also been getting some temporary relief from Acupuncture. I also take Xanax and Flexeril, which is a muscle relaxer. My body is such a mess. :rolleyes:
I just got Bextra for a very bad shoulder. It is the best anti inflamatory I have taken. My stomach is very sensitive so I cant take Motrin or Aleve. I was taking Vioxx but as you know you can't get it anymore. Vioxx worked great but did upset my stomach. Celebrex does very little for me in fact it seems to be the least effective of them all. I have a prescription for 20 mg of Bextra but I have read that 10 mgs can work and it does! I just take 1/2 a pill most of the time and get a good deal of relief.