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Hey PHlox, Without knowing the exact meds other than Motrin, it's really hard to say what will help, But motrin "IBU" ill also damage your kidneys while apap damages your liver.

A PM docs worth their salt isn't going to use meds that are going to damage your liver/kidneys or stomache. There are too many other medication options. You also need to be careful with OTC stomach meds. Some can greatly effect the absorpton and serum levl of certain meds. Tagament is a major no no with many different meds.

Instead of trying to manage your pain or side effects on your own, I would suggest finding a PM doc that can help you with the meds and side effects. As much as you may like your GP, If he's still prescribing Ibuphrofen and codeine for pain, you have to wonder when the last time he spent anytime with a pharmacuetical rep to see what's new and available.

Tums won't hurt you unless you have a problem with calcium Kidney stones.

If your talking a tiny bit of narcotic I think of Tylenol 3 or 4, and codeine is terribly hard on the stomach. So is too much tylenol and too much motrin. 2400 mgs of Ibuprofen is the max effective dose, taking more doesn't help any more. You could take 6000mgs and won't get any better results than 2400 mgs.

What your taking sounds like the same stuff available OTC that kills 17k people every year from gastric bleads from trying to manage their pain with OTC NSAIDS and apap.

The cox 2 inhibitors, Celebrex and Bextra are specifically designed for people with GI problems. You may have had something going on prior to the meds that the meds have just made worse. Unfortunately insurance can be a bear about the expensive Cox 11 NSAIDS. Ask for samples and give your stomach a break. It took 2 weeks and a letter from my wifes GI doc explaining her hiatal hernia to get Bextra aproved for Pain management.
Good luck, Dave
i always fared better with celebrex or vioxx/bextra.the COX-2's are much easier on the stomach but some insurance comp wont pay for the newer ones or copay is alot.ive been getting samples of vioxx from my GP for almost 2 years because ins wont pay for vioxx.

and yes,if you take them once a day take them with food.