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That post you wrote to the guy whose doc got mad at him for needing a refill too early really helped me out. I am having trouble finding a pain doc to see me. I have severe TMJ and many of these pain docs don't want to treat us, they don't do facial pain. I have tried to see 6 different ones and can't get one to see me. I currently take 3 to 4 vicodin ES daily with valium (10mg) nightly. I suffer endless pain and the vicodin ES barely touches the pain. I have tried PT, bite guards, trigger point injections, licoderm patches on my face, tramadol, vioxx, celebrex, nuerontin, zanaflex, flexeril, robaxin and skelaxin, 600mg ibuprofen, have endured 4 surgeries and still am in pain. My GP absolutely refuses to give me anything (except an antidepressant) because all this pain makes me depressed. My oral surgeon who did these 4 surgeries has given up on me and I am seeing a new one on the 14th of this month with high hopes. Every week I have to go through what I call the doctor dance, that is when I ask for a refill, get the run around, stress out whether or not he will refill it and spend most of my days stuck to a heating pad. What do you think? You seem to know quite a bit. I don't over medicate even when I am tempted because the pain is unbearable. I will take a 200 to 400 mg ibuprofen chaser with the vicodin, but it seems to help little. I am at my wits end trying to find a pain doctor to do facial pain.