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Thank you Onyxgates, that was my point as well. I've been on the road to recovery for 14 yrs. now after a four yr. addiction to Firocet and muscle relaxants given to me by a quack. But luckly, I was finally diagnosed 3 yrs ago with RSD after going yrs being diagnosed from everything from arthritis to being bi-polar. Even now I take a significent amount of Neurontin for nerve pain, Norco for pain 4 x daily (sometimes I don't even take all 4). I take Soma 350 mg 3 x daily for muscle spasms because I suffer from cervical dystonia as well. I also take celebrex for arthritis. So far I've been very lucky because these medications work well for me and I never get the urge to over do it. It sad that some people seem to think that once you have had a drug problem that you can't never kick the habit.