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When my back problem started in Feb this year, I genuinely believed time would heal. Had the MRI, DDD at L5/S1 with a large central herniation. Three ESIs later, lots of pilates, walking, acupuncture etc later, I hit an all time low in August. I think I would have let them remove my spine if it got rid of the pain!! Sciatica got really bad, walking become impossible etc. etc. My ortho said he couldn't offer anything else but fusion - which he didn't recommend.

Went for second opinion to a neuro - he proposed a microdiscectomy which would get rid of leg pain and that I would need ADR in a couple of years time cos of DDD. I was scheduled in for surgery on 14th Oct. The pain management guy disagreed and was suggesting a different type of treatment.

Anyway to cut a long story short, around 10 days my pain began to lessen - sciatica is just about gone, back pain is still triggered by sitting but at least I can begin walking and exercising again. Off celebrex and minimum amount of hydrocodone. Have postponed surgery and hope that I won't have to have it now even though I probably will need ADR down the line.

Fingers crossed but I think I am on the road to recovery - 8 months later. Coincidentally a cousin of mine with a lateral herniation at l5/s1 attended a very conservative doc who wouldn't operate and it took her 8 months to get back to work.

I know my problem isn't over but if I can get back to 80 - 90 % without surgery, I will be delighted. I think the medical profession are always looking for the quick fix solution but would never admit to the long term consequences of their treatments - steroid injections, nerve damage from surgery etc.

That's my story for what it's worth - I don't think there is any one right solution but I do believe time sometimes can heal - if you're in a position where you can give it time and mentally survive the pain.

Good luck