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Thanks for taking the time to reply. It seems that very few people have arthritis of the neck. I am sorry to hear you are having such pain. I am trying to do the stuff in the book THE ARTHRITIS CURE, because I am very leery of taking Bextra or Celebrex anymore. Let me know how you are doing, ok?
I've had cervical arthritis and facet joint disease since in my 30's and I'm 56 now, I have a 5 lb limit on lifting, it is a progressive disease with good days and bad days depending on how you treat yourself. I've had PT, acupuncture, chiro, many injections in the cervical neck and the trapeneze muscle over the years with some to little relief. Those trapeneze can get hard as rocks and I've had them so big and hard that it was very noticable from a distance to my neurologist. The PT neck strengthening they showed me to do at home does help and I just know what not to do anymore and live my life in spite of the discomfort. As for the Arthritis Cure, there is no cure yet, it is bunk and just another I know better than the conventional medical drs so try my method(which cost as much with no clinical trials or any way to verify results)there will always be these books that say they can cure arthritis, cancer, and on and on because there will always be desperate people looking for the miracle cure and these unethical Drs will always be there to supply the false hope for the big bucks. I take Mobic as I can't take viox or celebrex, I usually don't take a new drug unless it has been out for more than 5 yrs and let's face it, the big pharmaceutical CEO don't give a hoot about us, they down play the side effects to the Drs and to us and we all fall into it. So I'm cautious about anything I take.
HI Nancy,

In that "Arthritis Cure" book (bad name for the book), he doesnt claim to have a cure. Why he named it that is beyond me. He just claims to have ways of mitigating the arthritis. Nothing of which is too weird or anything. (exercise, glucosamine/condroitin....that kind of stuff). I am going to try like heck to not take NSAIDS, if I can manage it. I would hate to trade one pain for another. (stomach issues...which I had last yr. from Celebrex). Yesterday I started doing weight machines at the gym, for the upper back (real real lightly) and I hope that will help, too....besides the ones the PT told me to do. She said I could do the machines, too...so I am trying. What kind of work do you do? Sorry if you already mentioned that. I am a substitute teacher that is on my feet all day. By the time I get home, I am a wreck. I havent worked in a couple of weeks and I feel a little better. I am dreading going back. I dont know how I am going to manage on my feet. It sets me back like 3 days for every day I work at that job. Have you ever tried the TENS unit??? I am getting a prescription for one to use at home. I figure it might help some.