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I stopped taking Bextra because it wasnt helping my pain anymore. I, too, am scared about the effects. I wonder what the difference is between Vioxx, Bextra, and Celebrex? I am reading the book called THE ARTHRITIS CURE and this Dr. Theo (the author) is really really against taking these NSAIDs. How come Dr. Theo knew all these side effects before the VIOXX company did? How disgusting is that??????? That book is years old. I freaked out when I read all this stuff in that book, that is just now coming out now. ANy comments are appreciated!
A friend's husband asked his Rheumy about Celebrex. His Dr. said it's safe, but maybe he doesn't really know. Bextra hasn't been studied as long as the others b/c it was approved in 2001. I have that same book and was looking at it today. Yesterday, I started taking Cosamin DS, which I was told is the brand Drs. recommend. I figure it can't hurt anything. I've tried other brands though that did nothing for me. I also take fish oil, which lowers my cholesterol, but doesn't help my arthritis. I wonder about these Drs. I've never had a Dr. that told me side effects of drugs. It IS disgusting.
I have taken Celebrex for about 4 years and would like to continue, and yesterday I discussed the Vioxx/Coxcib thing with my orthopedist. He feels the Vioxx studies were very flawed, because there were no controls to rule out pre-existing conditions. life style and risk factors, that it was a retrospective study, not with pre-selected patients with known conditions. He has used Vioxx, Celebrex and now Bextra with his patients for just about as long as they have been out, depending on which they prefer and tolerate well, and hasn't had any Vioxx patients with adverse cardiac reactions. Of course, he isn't going to use it any more. He practices conservatively, and isn't one to jump onto the latest bandwagon. Have to consider risks vs benefits - I don't want to use heavy doses of OTC stuff like asprin, tylenol and ibuprofen - If I didn't take Cel. I'd have a lot more pain, wouldn't be able to exercise as much, pain -> stress, stress -> depression and other negative stuff.