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has anyone taken neurontin for nerve pain due to arthritis? i have spinal arthritis upper back and neck. my doc would like to try me on this medicine. as you know when the cartlidge is worn down the nerves are exposed and causes cramping burning and deep aching all the time. i take celebrex now not sure if it is helping but the one side effect from it is loose stools and i have had that over a month. i also use capiscan cream i love it really helps with the pain. as anyone knows who has arthritis the pain never really goes away we just have to mange it so we can function but the axche is always there.
HI there.
I have arthritis in my neck too, so I hear ya! I would be interested in hearing if that drug helps, too. I tried Capsaicin and I couldnt stand the burning! Tiger Balm and Flexall help me, but that's about it. I hate this pain all the time. I got off of Celebrex and Bextra because I have read bad things about them hurting things in the long run. They didnt help me that much anyway, so I got off of them. I am using a TENS unit 2 times a day. I have no clue if its helping but it couldnt hurt. Are your trapezius muscles hard as rocks like mine are?