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Hi again Hedy. The meds I'm on are 30 mg MSC morning and 60 pm at night. I can still take up to 30 mg of oxyir if I need to but that is the one she is tapering right now. I went from 110 pills a month to 95 right now. I was allowed an extra oxyir during the night if I needed it, that is why I get 110 of them and not 90 per month. Needless to say I'm back to not sleeping much. She thinks I should come off of them because of my gastro problems. Hello... that is why I don't take any ibuprofen, tylenol etc!! I've already tried celebrex, vioxx, bextra, mobicox and so on. They either made me sick or did nothing. The last time I mentioned to her to send me back to the neurologist she backed off a bit. I think I'll ask her to send me to him again. In a way I'd like to come off them too but not if my life goes back to the way it was before. Doctors, grrrr.