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Just wanted to give an update. I am under the care of a hematologist for anemia. My levels are slowly coming up. We still don't know why my level's are so low but as long as they come up I feel better. The hematologist didn't want to do a bone marrow biopsy. My knee pain is still here. My insurance has refused to pay for 2 meds (celebrex and mobic) they were wanting to put me on so I'm having to suffer. I have an appointment with a surgeon on Dec. 15. My doc wants him to scope my knee and see what is wrong. I've experianced some swelling now and the pain is no better. My doc won't give me anymore pain medication because he said he doesn't need me in rehab when this is over. He only gave me one prescription of 40 pills and it took almost 2 months to use them. I don't feel like I abused the use of them. I guess I will just wait and see what happens. I wanted to say thanks to everyone on here. Everyone has been very helpful.