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Hi all
I am sorry it has been a few days since i posted last.I am having quite a bit of pain in my shoulder but i did finally get one of my doctors to see me and prescribe pain meds for me.He thinks i am just hurting from therapy.I hope he is right.I was suppose to go back to therapy today and they called and cancelled,So i will go on monday.I have been doin exercises every day since going to the doc on monday.He says i will develop RSD if i dont do any.Iam one that does alot of reading so i i am doing a small amount but spacing them out all day long!I seem to hurt every time i do anything with that arm.I hope he is right!He didnt want to do an MRI or an xray! I started taking celebrex today also because the pain meds i find are just masking the pain they arent really fixing anything!!! I am feeling better mentally thankfully~~I hate feeling so helpless!!Thanks for thinking of me streetcar..surgical glad to hear you are at least able to keep busy~I know what you mean .I love summer also.I hate to see it go ..I am thankfull i have a computer though.I dont know what i would do without it at times~I am afraid i wont be able to get in to see another neurosurgeon until mid jan ..so that will have to wait. I get all of my meds from the quack i see now..so i will have to wait until i get to see this ms specialist before i go changing anything elsewhere..well once again it is late and here i sit.i should try and get some sleep..thanks for thinking of me..feeling much better than last weekend at this time ..thats for sure!!!!
I hope everyone has a good weekend~~thanks for the info painresearch..i wil probably end up there eventually~~