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I've been waiting all this time for an appointment to get the MRI done in an "Open sided" MRI machine since I am VERY clausiphobic (sp?). Thank goodness my boyfriend was by my side the whole time and the doctor also put me on another planet with one Valium tablet. It helped alot but the biggest help was my very understanding and patient boyfriend.

Now, I just wait for the appointment to go back to the pain clinic but I can't get in until the 11th of January. In the meantime, between my Celebrex once a day, the Ultaset 4 times a day, and my T.E.N.S unit I'm doing much better. BTW, the first time I went to the pain clinic and they poked and prodded so much all I told the doctor that day was that I wanted some relief right then. I didn't say anything about meds on an ongoing basis.

As for the blood test for my gluclose levels, that too will come in January. I'm sure not looking forward to it but they are going to try the 3 hr test and see if that tells them anything. If not then I'll go for the 8 hr test if nothing else works.

Anyway, you all have a VERY Merry Christmas and a joyous Holiday season. Stay safe everyone.