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does Celebrex cause weight gain?
I've been taking Celebrex for about 4 years, and weight has stayed the same within about 3 lbs up, 3 lbs down. But I also have diabetes so I have to watch what I eat. I've had no side effects whatsoever from it, and it really does help me a lot. I sure hope they don't find any evil outcomes from it.
I think it depends on the peson. I gain so easily with water weight. I gained 30lbs at the rate of 4 pounds a night on Vioxx till they took me off after 6 days, but the extra pounds still came. Worked real hard to get 15 of those off, then I started taking nuerontin now the 15 plus 3 is back. So, back to my 30 +3 pounds from 2 yrs ago. Frustrating to feel bad and then to have weight gain on top.... They gave me lasix to aide in taking the water off but instead of gaining 4 pounds a night then I gained 1.5pounds a night so, they won't even let me take celebrex as the docs say the same thing could occur with me...Shauna :angel: