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I am new to these boards, and I need to know if anyone out there is experiencing what I am. To give a little background, twelve years ago, I had adhesive capsulitis of my left shoulder. The orthopedic surgeon performed a manipulation, followed by intensive physical therapy for several months. Afterwards I started experiencing mild symptoms of arthritis, but nothing that required medication. Then eight years ago, my right shoulder was operated on to remove a bone spur and to scrape some arthritis away. This was followed a month later by a manipulation of the right shoulder because adhesive capsulitis had set in. By then I was experiencing arthritis in both shoulders and my right knee, but the doctor said it was osteoarthritis. I was also having swollen ankles / feet on occasion.

Four years ago I had my first blood test that showed my RA factor to be above normal at 47. My PCP sent me to a rheumatologist, who put me on Celebrex. This worked quite well. When another blood test in 2003 showed an RA factor of 120, I became concerned. My doctor, however, did not believe that it was RA. He was convinced that I only had osteoarthritis. He said that except for the high RA, I was not exhibiting any of the other symptoms. The X-rays showed nothing out of the ordinary, and my aches and pains were not symmetrical, nor was I stiff in the morning. He said that there was definitely something going on, but he still didn’t think it was RA. He felt that whatever it was would show up sooner or later. Every blood test since has been in the 110 – 120 range.

Two weeks ago, I went to see my doctor because I was feeling worse than I have ever felt, with both feet, both ankles, both hands, and both knees swollen. He did another blood test. As usual, everything is normal except the RA, which was 110. Now he says that I am in the early stage of Rheumatoid Arthritis. As he says, it has finally reared its ugly head. I told him that news was a heck of a birthday present! I will be 60 on Thursday. The flare up has now subsided, and I’m back to my usual aches and pains.

Now (finally), here is my problem. He wants to start me on Methotrexate in addition to my Celebrex. I have read loads of information online about the dangerous side effects of this drug, even when the patient is monitored. It seems to me that it is usually used in people when the patient’s RA has progressed much farther than my pain. I think I want to wait awhile before undertaking what I consider a serious course of treatment. I just don’t know if my decision is being based on intelligent research or fear. Does anyone have any thoughts on my situation?
Hi, I have had ra since 1997. I have taken methotrexate with no side effects. I am now taking enbrel. In your case, the first thing to do is get a definitive diagnosis. Can you get a 2nd opinion? I agree, I wouldnt want to take drugs if there is any doubt. On the other hand, the treatment these days is to give the heavy duty drugs right away before the disease gets really entrenched and causes joint damage. The worst thing to do is wait. Celebrex is only a pain killer, it will not stop the progression of the disease. If you have ra, you need more than that. Hope this helps.
QUIT CELEBREX. I was in a W/C unable to walk I started remicade iv infusion and methotrexate. not supposed to drink with metatrexate.

I think i would change dr;s if i were you. He should have been aggressively treating you and not on celebrex!