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WHAT in the world do YOU do for relief of the pain???
what do you take for the PAIN ??
Once again I called my DR today
and told her that I WAS NOT going to take the Bextra that she has me on because I was doing some research and it said that bextra is worse than vioxx was = bextra can cause heart attacks and strokes - I'm already at high risk for that - so what doe she do , she calls me in some CELEBREX !
I told her nurse that I have been on that before and it done NO GOOD - did nothing for me !
then I asked her if she could ask another DR to prescribe me something for my pain - she said NO because it would be like going over rita (the Dr's head) I said well if what she prescribed for me done no good , then what's the point of paying for a subscription that doesn't do anything for me---
so I am back to square ONE = NOTHING for the pain - it's like having a toothache 24-7
I am waiting to hear something from disability-
anyhow would like some input as to what you take ???