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I have taken steroids for my back, but I quit. Why? Because one got stuck on my tongue and I threw up-so, that means I can't take them anymore, it is a stupid mental block.
I saw a therapist at work and he did some pulling on both knees. The left one moved more than the right, plus I think that one is a little shorter than the other too. I have pain under the knee cap, on the back side of my leg (where it bends), down the back of my calf, and tonight it was bad on the bone in front just to the side and below the ACL. I feel kind of bad though, you know I am having my fusion, then we will treat my neck with a poss. surgery for that too. MY hubby has one disc with ddd and his knees are crap too. His may be worse than mine, but when he works out they get better, mine don't. Also, my left wrist has been hurting really really bad too. I can squeeze it and it pops kind of and it will hurt for no known reason. when i had my emg, carpal tunnel was ruled out. I am so confused. I don't want to come across like a hypochondriac or like I need 100 surgeries, but if my knee is bad, that won't help my back any either. UGH! I am going to try celebrex for my neck,hoping that might fix the other joint issues. If not, I guess then I will write down all my joint issues and head out to see yet ANOTHER specialist.
You need an ORTHOPEDIC HAND SPECIALIST to look at an x-ray of your wrist. That's what I have. As an orthopedist he might could deal with your other joints, but that's a start. Don't expect anybody to DO anything until you heal from the fusion. But you could at least be diagnosed. AVN, if that is what you have, can be treated in the early stages. Celebrex is going the way of Vioxx. And NO MORE STEROIDS!
darn about the celebrex. Guess I will have to take naproxin. I will more than likely have to wait a bit, but rather get this back stuff taken care of first-thank you very much.