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I just wanted to report my experience with Synvisc in case anyone else is thinking about it. I had the series of 3 Synvisc in my very bad right knee in Oct. Before the shots, my knee hurt so bad I'd have to give up on my errands list and come home,was taking 200 mg Celebrex in am, and had to take 2 extra strength tylenol at night to sleep, and it kept me from doing just ordinary things with the pain. The Synvisc really helped. Didn't cure it of course, but much improved - I can get through my errands, shopping, don't have any pain at all at rest -- not doing any huge hikes but it is so good to do the "usual" without pain. If I take any tylenol at night it is just one, usually for something else, and that rarely now. The injections themselves didn't hurt at all! I was lucky to have good drug coverage - I just paid my usual $20 copay for the 3 visits, and my part of the cost of the shots was $132 - the Ins Co part was around $600 - it blew away the rest of my brand name coverage, but luckily I didn't have any other big ticket drugs, and the Dr's case manager was able to get me 2 mos free Celebrex samples.
The funny thing is, that with my knee improved and doing more things, the rest of my arthritic joints including spine are like "Hey, what the H do think you're doing :o " and my response to them is "Hey! :nono: get used to it! We're moving again!!!!" Don't know how long it will last, but it is really good right now, and I'll take whatever I can get!