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I got a prescription from my doctor. It really helped. I only have to take it in the really cold and rainy weather. I take one 10mg daily. I have heard that it is the same as Vioxx, so I am very leary about taking it. I am trying to only take it when I really and truly am desperate for relief. I had tried Vioxx and Celebrex with no help, so I can say that it really does help. My doctor monitors my liver enzymes closely, because as I understand it can have an adverse affect. Hope this helps.
Bextra does zero for me, but my pain levels are pretty high. I know though that it may soon be coming off the market along with celebrex. So, check with your doctor. oh, I have back and neck issues with discs, having a fusion,so that is why it doesn't help me now. If I just had joint pain, I think it would, it used to a while ago.
I would swear by Bextra!! Ibuprofen and Naprosyn do nothing for me. Vioxx and Celebrex stink too!! But Bextra is awesome!!! Now, of course, it doesn't take all the pain away, but it sure has made life much more bearable!!! I hate to say this, but, I really don't care about the safety of it or not, because it works!!!!! Really, though, I have not heard any bad things on it. My Dr will only allow me to take 10mg daily, though, because she is concerned about the safety since Vioxx, and all. She said on a really bad day, I could take 2, but only then. Since she said that, I have only done that 1 time. Good luck!!