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i also use mtx and have no bad side effects. ive had ra for 8 months and it hit me pretty hard. not being able to walk or get out of bed for days at a time and whimpering with the pain and sometimes wished i could die to end the pain. the dr. started me on preds and ive been on them for 8 months. then the sulfasalazine,then celebrex and then mtx. i was still flairing all the time and eating lots of percs to kill the pain but that gets old quick. called my doc and told her that the cocktail was not working. she started me on enbrel last week and ive been pain free for 6 days in a row. wow. hopefully ill be off the preds in a few days and will be able to get off 25mg mtx also.didnt like giving myself a shot at first but its nothing compared to pain you endure without it. if you are hurting and need to see your doc, call and tell him you need his help now!! theres meds out there that work. you just have to see what works for you. when life gives you lemoms, make lemonade.
good luck, ron