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Hi Shannon

My Doctor is trying not to freak me out .... he says I have enough problems without thinking about where or how fast this might progress to. (I have cervical spine problems for last 5 years for which I take Celebrex & Tramadol).

As I said above my first bout was just a earache & sore scalp for 3 weeks which ended in 6 or so electric shocks on the cheak bone.

My second one tho was horrendous. Ending with 8 hours of electric pain on my right side (including sounds) which was eased with heat.

The third, a couple of weeks ago was similar to the first but on my right side.

My doc said he would have to put me on more meds.

I would really like hints on non medication tricks you might have to ease the pain when it happens.

If you could descibe the types of pain I may look forward to in the future ...... better to prepare myself now.