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I quit taking the Celebrex because of all that I read and I have heart problems in my family, so I did not want to take the risk. I stopped in Dec. and had been doing fine until the past few days. My arms and shoulders are really starting to bother me. My hands have been going numb as well as hurting. Just wondering what other meds there are to take. I would like to do some research before going back to my doctor. Thanks!!
I'm still taking my regular 200 mg of Celebrex in a.m., just as I have for the past 4 or 5 years. I've tried so, so many things, and it is the only thing that puts the pain into the background without messing me up some other way.
My cardiograms are still OK. I don't feel that they studied effects in relatively low dose arthritis patients at all - we are not comparable to giving 800 mg a day to cancer pts - those were the ones that had tha cardiac effects.
This week I sure would have liked to take an additional 200 about 4 or 5 pm - had left knee 'scoped a week ago - only took one of the rx Tylox and didn't like it.