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Hi Nancy

I take Lodeine too (was just switched from Celebrex) and Fosamax once a week. I try to stay away from too many pain meds. I take the occasional Vicodin, which I took today as this week is very bad. I had those injections yesterday and my neck is really sore today. My mother passed away last week and she lived in Canada (I live in Michigan) and it is about 4 hours away. It was of course a very stressful visit and funeral service and also today "was" her birthday. She would have been 84 so of course stress doesn't help.

I also take Ambien nightly as I have insomnia and I have GERD (Acid Reflux) so I take Prilosec for that. I also have high cholestorol and I take Zetia for that. Now that I think about it, I am falling apart. I am 53 years old. Way too young for all this crap!!! Sorry had to vent!!! Oh yeah and good old "Prozac". I love it when you tell another doctor that you are on that because they just think its all in your mind. I was a lot more stressed out with my pain before I started that and it has helped a lot. I don't feel any different at all taking it but I know I am a lot calmer just trying to cope with all of the pain. I am sure you know what I mean.
Please let me know how your doctors appt. goes. I will be thinking about you.
Talk to you soon.
Lyn in Michigan :angel: