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Hi katenyc5! I started by taking Aleve. This is naprosyn and doctors have been prescribing that for years. Now it's available over the counter. First I would take it twice a day (every day, even on good days). It helps to take with food as it bothers some people. That worked great for a few months. Then I needed something stronger. My doctor had me try three times a day (morning, noon, evening) and I couldn't take it too long. After a few weeks it gave me too much stomach acid.

Then, I went to Celebrex. At that time it did not have all scrutiny as it does now. That lasted until I went for surgery.

I have a friend at work with hip problems and they don't want to take things all the time. She just takes an ibuprofen when it bothers her and puts heat on it if it gets bad. She is managing the pain better this way.

You could also try Glucosamine Chondroitin. I took that religiously in addition to all the other stuff. It takes about 6 weeks before you start to notice anything but if it works it'll be worth the wait. Some people love it and others don't get any relief...

It's good that you are getting out there exercising. I know it hurts but think of it this way... it'll hurt anyway and if you are'nt way over-doing it, it WILL start to feel better.

Good luck with the program!