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A week ago I had a fall. I fell outside onto grass and wasn't hurt. I fell forward and my left shoulder took most of the blow.I got right up, brushed myself off and went on my way. That was about noon on Thursday April 28. That evening my RIGHT shoulder started hurting and by the next day I could hardly move it. Saturday morning my hand was swollen up bad and I went to a walk in clinic. They took x-rays and found that it is just a case of arthritis. I knew I had arthritis because in the past I would have bouts of it in my hips. Since then and up till now I am restricted in motion and in real bad pain.For a few days I
couldn't even lift a set of keys. I have been to the doctor 3 times now. The first was that Saturday. He said to take Aleve. By Monday I was in such pain I had to go back and see my regular doctor. He gave me Celebrex. It helped the pain but I am still a left handed cripple. Yesterday I got a cortisone shot and today I notice no change of any significanse. My question is, though my left shoulder took the blow, woulds omething like a jar of the body trigger arthritis? My left shoulder is fine by the way. :confused: