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Very kind of you to want to help her. I'd suggest first of all, she get a good work-up from her primary care dr, so as to get an idea of her overall state of health, what could be done to improve it, and what kinds of treatments, medications and procedures she is able to tolerate. Once that is established, she should see a good orthopedic dr or arthritis specialist, and get a thorough diagnosis of just what joints are affected, how badly, and what they would recommend, given the other health factors she might have. Treating osteo is much more than just medications (tho I wouldn't want to try to get along without my Celebrex :) ). Good nutrition, the right sort of exercises; there are various types of braces, supports and wraps that can help; various levels of surgeries; spacing activities with short breaks and rests inbetween; and even mobility aids like scooters etc. In my opinion, the key is getting a comprehensive picture of her whole health status, including the arthritis, and taking it from there. Best of luck to you both.