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:angel: [FONT=Times New Roman]Hi everyone,

I am new here and have been feeling so helpless and hopeless since all of this started for my mother and what she's been going through. She's worked up to 3 jobs at different times since my parents divorced and usually kept 2 jobs, and the ends didn't meet! But she tried!

She started noticing blood in her urine right before Christmas, and I told her to please go see a dr about it, not to wait until after the holiday. She kept wanting to post pone it. I think the blood had been there for a while and she ignored it. She had lost her brother a few months before this of cancer, he died within a year's time and he suffered, she was driving from Texas to Florida when she could and he was so afraid of dying, she held him the last day and he died in her arms. She hasn't even cried over this. I worry about her! I can't remember the type of cancer he had. But everything seemed to go wrong for him, he only was able to get 1 chemo treatment through all of it. But there were other complications too, not associated with the cancer. They were real close and I feel my mother and I are both close to one another. We "talk" rather than the two sister's that are around her are so used to her being there and paying their bills for them. I am the middle child, in my 40's but feel in my twenties in my head.

She went and found she had cancer in her right kidney and going the tube going into her bladder. They took out her kidney and the tube. She was told to come back in 3 months to be checked again. This type of cancer is the aggresive type. We would realize just how aggresive it is as time went by. The check ups were finding something all the time and now, her last Dr. visit, he told her the cancer has mutated. He also found 4 areas in the left of her bladder, they had already taken out some cancer from the right side of the bladder earlier, not sure how many months ago. but I remember there were 2 that the Dr took out and checked to make sure, one bigger than the other. And the Dr had just checked her a month before then and had seen 3 spots and assumed it was her bladder that was irritated, I believe her gave her anti biotics and sent her home. He was surprised to see the cancer when she went back for another checkup.

She called me a few days ago scared. My mother isn't the type to be scared, and she never cries. But to hear the fear in her voice, I had to fight the tears. I am currently living in another country and she wants me to come down there and spend some time with her. My older sister is a RN and through all the talking, the Dr mentioned she may not last this next year. So she wants me down there. I have health issues my own and take pain meds along with the Dr being nice enough to give me sample meds so I can have those since I cant' afford to buy all that I am suppose to be taking. I have a bad back (work related injury), and my mother doesn't realize that I can not go without the pain pills if she expects me to go down there and stay until the end. I don't mean to sound awful here or being selfish, but I can't even clean my own house the way I used to, I have to stop and if I over due it, then I pay dearly for a few days, just like I did a few days ago, I was useless in doing anything at all. Up here, the only thing I have to pay for is the meds, there isn't a dr's fee. She keeps saying I can go down as a indigent (spelling), but I just can't see those Dr's writing out a prescription for morphine, my restless leg syndrome, hormones, and giving me the celebrex and stomach meds along with vitamens like she's been doing. I guess I have to have absolute proof that I can get the meds or my body is going to go through withdrawels and a lot of pain just trying to take a shower and get through that with the increased pain. The pain never goes away completely.

Anyway, does anyone know about the mutating? Has it spread to other areas and the Dr isn't telling her? She wouldn't ask him many questions, just let him talk. He did say he hated to see her go down like she's doing. And he did mention that normally, the cancer would show up in her bladder first, then the kidney's and this would be 5 years down the line, so this is very aggressive cancer. The few sites I have read, the mutating meant it would get even stronger and no way of controlling it once that happens. Is this true? He is going to start her on the chemo, they tried something where she went every Monday for 8 weeks, whatever it was, it was live and she had to be careful that no one would get that in the process.

And what makes this all even worse for her, she works on the very floor for cancer patients that have cancer in that area!!!!! She hasn't seen anyone with the same type as her, so it's not very common. I just dislike the "aggressive" and "mutating" words.

My father died in 02, last time I saw him, was in 1998 and the guilt was very hard getting through seeing him in that coffin and seeing how much he had aged in those 4 years. It was also the last time I saw my mother. The time before that, was in 1999.

I am so scared for my mother and also being somewhat selfish. My older sister's do not talk to me, no emails, no calling up here and no one is interested in visiting me at all. I have asked if I have done something to them and they say "no", but yet there's no answers to even my private emails, so I finally just stopped emailing them at all. I will always love them, and I keep them in my prayers, but it's also been hard accepting that they have no interest in me or sharing their life with me.

I have been here since 1999. So, I know once my mother is gone, I won't have family anymore. My father kept telling us all to always stay close and to talk things through, but the opposite happened after he died. I did try to honor him, but being ignored in a family group that was setup after he died to stay in contact with cousins, aunts and uncles, they were ignoring my emails! I just finally went on nomail, I couldnt take being ignored by them and knowing the other's in the group were watching it as well.

I am sorry this has been so long, the only person I have to talk to is my husband and he isn't talking that much back to me, which makes it worse for me.

OH, I do know that if the cancer gets on one side of the bladder, it has a better chance of spreading elsewhere, anyone know what side that is?

PLease, if someone can help me, please help me! I have been in a bad rut since my father dying, he died the week after I was hurt at work and getting help with all of that business was a nightmare. My husband did tell me crying that he has see where I have just slowly went downhill, and I have. I am just not strong anymore and don't know how much I can take. I am terrified if I start crying, I won't stop.

Thank You,
:angel: Faith_2