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Hi Boston,
I was the same before I started mthx about two months ago. I chose not to take it for five years because of the scary side affects but because I stayed on Celebrex I ended up with Ankylosing Spondylitis and my thoracic spine is now fused. It has to be a personal decision as it is a big step to go onto a drug that is heavy duty. I am only 40 and I have found that being on the methx has side affects but it has given me mobility and I am pain free more times than not. The best thing you can do is read up about it and consider condition vs medication. Unfortunately no matter what, there will be something you need to take and they are all much of a muchness. Eat well try and keep mobile as much as you can. Im not going to say keep a positive attitude because I know that is probably the hardest thing to do and it drives me crazy when people say it to me.
I wish you well and from my point of view I wish I had of taken the methx sooner for quality of life.
Take care