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I was diagnosed with AS around two years ago and since then I've had some pain no matter what I'm doing, especially laying down. I don't take medication unless I start having serious problems because of what I've heard about some of them.

When I was first diagnosed they tried me on Vioxx, Piroxicam and Celebrex. Celebrex is the one I was on when the pain subsided but I'm not sure if it was what made the pain go away, or any other time I've been on it for that matter.

I'd had slight problems walking for a few months then suddenly I could hardly walk, I got up not expecting anything out of the usual and almost fell over in pain. Shortly after that I was unable to walk, I did a very slow sort of shuffle where one leg never had any weight on it. I couldn't sit, get in or out of bed or anything else. This extreme pain lasted for two months and while at the end I was on Celebrex, I feel it lasted so long that the inflammation eventually just went away on its own.

When they were taking my X-rays and other scans to understand what was wrong the results came back that I was only mildly inflamed, yet this was at a time when I could't walk.

I'm curious about how this "inflammation" works. I don't understand how when I first had the problem it was affecting my right leg then my left later on. For the last several months the pain has been in my right leg/side but that hasn't always been the case. It's also never been in both at once, thank God.

What's puzzling is how it can come on so suddenly.

I'll have no problem walking, then I'll sit down for a bit and when I get up I can hardly walk sometimes. The main thing that confuses me is how I can hardly walk after something like that but if I sit down for just a few minutes then get up again I'll have no pain at all. Other times it doesn't work out that well, but whenever it does it leaves me mystified as to how the whole pain and inflammation things are connected. How does the inflammation go away so quickly? Or come on so quickly?

So... anyone up for an explanation, if there is one? Does anyone else experience these type of problems with AS? I asked my rheumatologist and he just brushed it off without any real explanation.

Thanks for reading/replying!