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A few months ago (earlier this year), I visited the doctor about pain in my knees everytime I get in the catcher's position (crouching) and especially getting back up from that position. My knee cap seems to move when my leg is slightly bent. I can move it from side to side quite easily...too easily for my comfort. He said that I have a "high knee cap" and prescribed Celebrex to me. I only took it for a few days and it so happened to be taken off the market soon after I stopped taking it.

I'm 18 years old and have my pilots license...therefore good health is important. My doctor told me to stretch and excercise but it's hard for me to be continuous with these exercises...so I went back and he put me in physical therapy for two weeks. After that, I went back to the doctor and we took me off thinking I would be excercising on my own but I haven't.

I've been noticing a similiar problem in my elbows as well. I've been told by a friend of the family (he worked out a lot) and told me this happens when you don't use your muscles a lot in that area. I'll admit, I used to always stay on the computer and NEVER exercise.

Any suggestions? I'm really worried about this problem. I'm wanting to exercise but with a trainer. I don't feel safe doing exercises by myself when I could possibly hurt myself. I'm actually planning on applying at a local atheletic club here in the area on Monday, since this weekend is Christmas.

Please help!!