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Hey Bardda1

I am 33 year old woman and I had very similar things happening to me. Same deal with the doctor I had the same doctor for 27 years. He told me I had viral osteoarthritis...ross river, warren river and put me on celebrex had all the test done, nothing. Then he told me sometimes they just don't find the cause. I kept going back and back and in the end he got bit agro and said that I just have to put up with it. He put me on anti depressants.The pain and tiredness just got worse and worse. Then I had enough I kept a diary and out of 19 days I had one good day. I took this and this list of all my other symptoms to a different doctor and he thought I had fibromyalgia, but referred me to a Rhuematoligist. The Rhuemy told me to throw away all medication a put me on Prednisolone, that night I was doing housework...for the first time in months. Keep trying, keep changing doctors. Don't let them tell you it's in yor head.Ask to try cortisone. Ask to se a rhuemy!! Here is the list of things my doctor told me was in my head.

Sore jaw from time to time...jaw locks up and makes a clicking noise and is painful when eating..lasts for about 3 days.

Stiff sore neck, lasts for about 3/4 days.

Sore shoulders quite often..did right rotor calf muscle Mothers Day, did rotor calf muscle few months later.

Tender elbows, not to painful.

Extremely sore tender, weak wrists, most of the time.

Extremely sore tender, swollen hands, most of the time.

Sore hips, rarity.

Sore knees, not too often but becoming more frequent.

Sore, swollen painful feet most of the time.

Most of these occur mainly in the morning and after about 5.30pm.

Allergies to ibuprophen and Panadol. Seemed to have developed recently. Rashes

Need pain management plan. Ways of dealing with pain.

Sensitivity to cold.


Sore throat feels like its near the glands. Hurts to swallow, gets bad in the evenings and early morning.

Sadness, because I am unable to do things with and for my family and friends. Doesn’t feel like depression.

Hope I don't sound like a drill sargeant... I just can't belive that you have been in that much pain for so long and your doctor won't help you...give him the flick. Good luck.