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Thanks to everyone for all the information/advice on my question about back pain. I don't go to a rheumatologist, I go to my GP and so far he has been able to keep me going, as a matter of fact I have an appointment this morning for a follow up on the medication he gave me 3 weeks ago---which by the way doesnt seem to be helping all that much. I did a round of Prednisone a couple of years ago during a bad flare, and after about 4 months I was able to wean myself off of it and havent had a problem up until now. He is hesitant about putting me on it again because of the side effects, but I may have to insist on it since it seems to be what works for me. He has also stopped prescribing Celebrex, which is what I took last time and it helped tremendously. Anyway, thanks again for the info! I'm grateful that I found this board and all you nice people.
Vicki in Houston