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I too am allergic to soap and I am not sure yet about shampoo. At my local grocery store I have found soap called Kirk's Castile. It is only 99 cents. It is hypoallergenic and I have been using it and it works for me. Also, at Cracker Barrel Restaurant they have a hypeallergenic sponge that works for me. It is $7.99. Sometimes they also have Kirk's Castile Soap and they will ship it to you if you do not live close to a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. You can search the internet and find a location closest to you.

I had a vaginal burn for just over 2 years. My doctors didn't know what it was. I couldn't do much of anything. I couldn't hardly function throughout the day. I was always tired and could not hardly sit flat at all. I finally dicovered on my own after payinng doctors a fortune that I am allergic to bath soaps and laundry soaps. I am also allergic to aloe vera, tapes, adhesives and latex. I am also allergic to something in Celebrex but I don't know what it is yet.

I was so miserable I was suicidal. I didn't think I could face another day. My body was on fire inside out. I use Purex Free and Clear laundry detergent. It is hypoallergenic. All laundry soap also has a hypoallergenic soap that a lot of dermatologists recommend if you have allergies.
I have not found a shampoo that is hypoallergenic yet. I could not use aveeno or dove or ivory. Everything just burned me more. Within a week of using the hypoallergenic products I was 100% cleared up and was back to a normal healthy life. I hop this will work for you. I tried some of the expensive soaps on the internet that were made with goats milk because in research they said that they worked for people with allergies. They didn't work for me.