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All natural doesn't necessarily mean all good or without side effects. In fact, some natural products are poisonous and down right dangerous. Often times theses types of supplements are useless. They claim to be a cure all but the only person benefiting from them is the manufacturer. I'd be cautious.

Has your husband tried the newer CO0x inhibitors such as Celebrex or Mobic? I found that they had less problems with side effects than the traditional older NSAIDs and anti-imflamatories. Of course one should always protect their stomache either way.
Additionally there are various prescribed rubs that do not contain anti-imflamatories that many find quite helpful with some of the pain caused by arthritis.

He has tried Celebrex and it made him feel bad, plus very irritable. Don't know why, but every time he tried it, it affected him the same way.

I did look up all the ingredients of FlexProtex online and everything checked out as being safe and helpful for his condition. The only thing I saw as far as side affects was that two of the ingredients could cause stomach upset if taken on an empty stomach. I looked on other websites to get the information about the supplements in it rather than looking at theirs, since the manufacturer's claims can always be trusted!

He is on Duragesic pain patches for his chronic pain and also taking Soma (muscle relaxer) but still in constant pain. Surely there has to be something to help!

Thanks for your reply!